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Residential Solar Rebate Information

Residential Rebates

California State Cash Rebate

Solar incentives are limited funds that are rapidly declining! The California Solar Incentive (CSI) program will provide more than 2.1 billion dollars over the next 10 years to build solar systems for home buildings and commercial facilities.

Since the program was instituted a few years ago, over half the available money has already been used up. This is important because as money gets used up, the available rebate declines--the sooner you go solar, the more money you will get back from the state.

Reserve Your Rebate

If you think you may be installing a solar system in the next year, make sure that you reserve your rebate as soon as possible. Once a rebate is reserved a home has 1 year to install the solar system. For homeowners that plan ahead, reserving a rebate early can save them a lot of money.

Gecko Logic Handles All the Paper Work

Applying for rebates through the state can be a long and drawn out process. Gecko Logic makes it easy for customers, by letting customers use cash rebate money from the state towards the upfront cost of the system. Gecko Logic will the file all the paper work and eventually collect the rebate.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal government gives customers a tax credit for 30% of the total cost of the system. This credit is a dollar per dollar credit that is deducted directly off the taxes that are owed for that year.

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