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Government/ Non-profit Financing

No time like the present

Our society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of renewable energy. By adopting solar energy, you will become a community leader and an example of progress. With Federal dollars available for green projects, there is no reason not to look into going solar.

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Commercial, Government, Non-Profit PPAs

GeckoLogic-USA is pleased to offer you a way to go solar with no investment! With our Power Purchase Agreement, you can buy clean electricity without the initial cost of purchasing a system. Power Purchase Agreement
  • Go solar with no capital outlay.
  • Get instant savings.
  • Control your electricity bill on long-term basis.
  • Go Green, become a leader and benefit from great PR.
What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

Instead of purchasing a solar energy system, you simply buy clean electricity from a solar system installed at your site. Under this agreement, your electricity costs remain predictable for a long-term basis and you avoid the inevitable inflation from the utilities, all while using green energy. How does a PPA work?
Under a PPA, all the equipment and installation costs are paid by a separate PPA provider who owns the equipment and sells the energy it produces to the property owner at a pre-negotiated rate, thereby locking in your energy costs in a long-term contract. At end of the contract period, the customer may renegotiate another term, or purchase the equipment.

What are the advantages of a PPA?
  • No Capital Outlay - Projects can be cash flow positive from day one.
  • Only pay for the power the system generates.
  • Predictability - Features long-term fixed energy price for term of contract.
  • Includes option to purchase system after sixth year of operation.
How you do it?

Simply contact us by filling out the short form under Free Solar Quote or call 1-760-727-7566 today!

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